About Us

Sampled Systems LLC was formed in 2004 by founder and principal Duane Mattern. From 1998 to 2004, Duane worked as an independent engineering consultant and subcontractor. During this time he gained experience in a wide variety of technologies and products. The common thread throughout these projects was new product development with an interdisciplinary mix of software development, real-time sensing, and embedded processing.

Selected Publications & Presentations

Mattern, D. (2004). Selecting a logic analyzer. Nuts & Volts, July 2004.

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Mattern, D. (1998). “Soft” real-time applications under Windows NT. Proceedings of the International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition, Nov. 15-20, 1998, Anaheim, CA, USA.

Mattern, D. L. (1998). A four-part lecture on turbofan engine control system design.

Mattern, D. L., L. Jaw, T. H. Guo, R. Graham, and W. McCoy. (1998). Using neural networks for sensor validation (AIAA-98-3547). Presented at the 1998 Joint Propulsion Conference, Cleveland, OH, USA, July 1998.

Mattern, D., L. Jaw, M. Henry, and B. Fagan. (1997). Experimental results of an active tip clearance control system for a centrifugal compressor (AMSE 97-GT-32). Presented at the 1997 ASME Gas Turbine & Aero Engine Congress, Orlando, FL, USA.

Mattern, D. and A. K. Owen. (1995). A voice coil actuated air valve for use in compressor forced response testing. Presented at the 1995 SPIE Conference, Orlando, FL, USA.