Below are links to free tools you may find useful:

  • – offers a variety of free, open-source software
  • RealTerm – serial communications tool
  • TortoiseCVS – CVS software version control
  • – an open source community focused on building better tools for collaborative software development
  • TortoiseSVN – subversion software version control
  • FilterDesign – digital filter design tool from Momentum Data System
  • DSPGuide – website for the book The Scientist and Engineer’s Guide to Digital Signal Processing, by Steven W. Smith, Ph.D.
  • PDFCreator – create PDFs from any Windows program
  • – a free patent search tool for downloading U.S. patents in PDF format
  • Scilab – a Matlab-like tool
  • Scicos – a Simulink-like tool
  • KDiff3 – a diff and merge program
  • reCsvEdit – cross-platform editor for CSV files
  • Git – open source distributed version control system
  • Atlassian SourceTree – free Git and Mercurial client
  • Excel VBA data acquisition using MSComm Control – download zip file